Adaptive Gymnastics

Programming for everyone!

Mini Gym Adaptive Gymnastics

3 to 6-year-olds

Ratio 3:1 – 45 min

This class is designed to give children with intellectual and physical disabilities a safe, fun and encouraging environment to learn about their bodies and how to move them.

An experienced and caring instructor will lead the parents or para-educator and children through a variety of physical activities that will increase coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility.  With experienced adults leading the way, children can safely explore their environment, practice following directions and try new things.

Big Gym Adaptive Gymnastics

Ages 6+ | Independent and Parent/Para Classes

Ratio 5:1 – 45 min

Children with various special needs will gain independence in the main gym and learn from a professional “kid-expert”. They will experience the gymnastics-based activities that will lead to increased body-awareness, strength, flexibility, and balance. One objective of the program is to help kids transition into grade-appropriate gymnastics classes and/or the competitive Special Olympics program.

Adaptive Rhythmic

Ages 6+ | Independent

The Adaptive Rhythmic class provides accessibility to the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics, a style of movement that combines gymnastics and balletic influences. This class offers students an artistic outlet to improve coordination, balance, musicality, and body awareness while they learn to connect movement to music and utilize apparatus such as ribbons, balls, hoops, ropes, and clubs.

Adaptive Dance

Ages 5+ or by Invitation

Ratio 5:1 – 45 min

Adaptive Karate

Ages 5+ or by Invitation

Ratio 5:1 – 45 min

Adaptive 1:1 Class

Ages 2+ (Invitational Only)

Ratio 1:1 – 45 min

This class is by invitation only. The adaptive 1 on 1 class is designed for children with special needs who cannot yet regulate in a small group class setting.

Adaptive Open Gym

Ages 6+ |
Independent and Parent/Para

Ratio 5:1 – 60 min

Adaptive Open Gym allows our students in the Adaptive Program the agency to explore the gym at their choosing, offering an alternative and complementary approach to our relatively structured classes. Participants decide how to spend their time in the gym and have the opportunity to appropriately practice skills, try out equipment, interact with peers, and meet sensory needs, all while having fun in a safe environment. A coach will be present in a supervisory role to ensure safety and suggest appropriate activities.

Please note: If child attends classes with an adult, they must also be accompanied by an adult to Open Gym.

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