The SONIC Program at MHG

Sonic Overview

While most gymnastics facilities sit dormant during the day, Mini-Hops Gymnastics (MHG) opens its doors to all children of all abilities. Mini-Hops welcomes individuals with special needs and their families to participate in private sessions as well as inclusive sessions with their peers. We also partner with local school districts to provide an opportunity for students with disabilities to enjoy physical activity in a safe and educational environment by participating in our Adaptive Open Gym Program.

Mini-Hops’ special needs curriculum is based on the SONIC business model. The SONIC model raises the awareness to targeted industries where children with special needs crave opportunities and provide the capabilities to educate, mentor and teach.

SONIC is a special needs program created to provide an environment that makes it possible for EVERY individual to achieve and succeed.

Mini-Hops Gymnastics is dedicated to meeting the needs of all individuals ages 12 months to adults. Our facility provides those of all abilities an opportunity to enjoy physical activity. Movement is a fundamental necessity for positive physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth. No matter what challenges your child’s faces, our staff works diligently to help them overcome those barriers.

With the proven SONIC special needs curriculum and training, Mini-Hops Gymnastics will work with each individual to ensure their needs are met at each stage of development and growth. We value each individual’s potential based on their individual abilities.


One on One Private Sessions:

In a private one on one session, your child works with our staff at their own pace on goals specific to each child’s individual needs. Private sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes in length.

Small Group Sessions:

Children with similar abilities will participate in a fitness session alongside their peers. Movements are adapted based on physical ability. Group Sessions are created by parents and the MHG staff working together to build the class.

Inclusive Sessions:

Children participate in a typical gymnastics or fitness class. Movements are modified and performed with supervision during the class.