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Originally posted on CCX Media.

As kids, many of us take gymnastics classes as a form of exercise. Now, Mini-Hops Gymnastics in Plymouth is offering adult gymnastics classes.

“Adult gymnastics is essentially a way for either former gymnasts or people who were athletes in the past and wanted to try gymnastics,” says Michael Morse, instructor of the class. “It’s also for people who don’t feel like going and lifting weights at a generic membership gym where they aren’t going to get any instruction.:”

The instruction during the adult gymnastics class is what sets it apart from typical exercise routines.

“It’s a lot more calisthenics,” said Morse. “We do a lot more gymnastics-type body weight exercises. The classes are also split in half. We do 30 minutes of strength training and or circuits and then the other 30 minutes is learning basic gymnastics skills.”


The class might seem like it would be too intense. However, the instructor says the class is for anyone.

“A lot of the exercises that I am doing to I can tear them,” says Morse. “If there are three people in the class, they could be doing three different versions of the same exercise targeting the same muscle groups. I can make the exercises a little bit easier or a little bit heavier load. If someone is a particularly athletic person, then I can ramp it up for them.”

The variety of exercises is why people coming back.

“The exercises we are doing are including a lot of things that are not only calisthenics but we are using some of the gymnastics equipment,” added Morse. “That’s an opportunity you obviously wouldn’t have at a personal training gym or even any other fitness gym that’s around.”

If you are interested in taking adult gymnastics you can do so by registering for the class by visiting Mini-Hops Gymnastics website, or you can give them a call at 952-933-2452.


Mondays from 12pm-1pm (Open Gym available for kiddos 5 & under at the same time)
Wednesdays from 6:45pm-7:45pm