Open Gym

Playtime at the best 48,000 sqft facility around!
Mini-Hops supervised open gyms allow kids to work on specific skills and have fun. Bring a friend and share their gymnastics experience or just simply play in the gym. Recreational students will be able to go on all equipment at some time during Open Gym. Children ages 5 and under will explore the Mini-Gym with their parent or care-giver for the full hour.  For safety reasons , only daytime open gyms during the school year will go into the main gym with an instructor for the last 10 minutes of Mini-Gym Open Gym to play in the pit and to use the tumble track. For the safety of all participants, the MHG staff has the right to ask a person to leave without a refund and/or revoke Open Gym privileges to anyone who isn’t abiding by the rules and policies.


Mini Gym Open Gym
Ages 5 & Under
Parent Participation Required
$8 – Online | $11 – Door
Recreational Open Gym
Ages 6 – Seniors in High School
$10 – Online | $15 – Door

Monday – Friday: 11:45-12:45

Fridays: 8:00pm-9:00pm

Fridays: 6:30-7:30

80 spaces available each night.  You are only guaranteed a spot with a confirmation email from MHG.

CASH ONLY when paying at the door.

**Parents if you believe your child will not comply with the rules listed below, a parent/guardian must stay in the lobby for the duration of participation.**

All participants must have a valid waiver signed by their legal guardian to attend any open gym.

For All Open Gyms:
  • Kids who don't take classes at MHG are welcome and encouraged to participate in open gym!
  • Walk-in registrations are not guaranteed a spot in open gym.
  • All of the following instructions are FOR YOUR SAFETY.

Please note:

If you or your child attend classes at MHG, you may have noticed our staff members taking pictures of the athletes at the beginning of class on our iPads. Our attendance system, iClass, has the ability to add a photo of the athletes to their profile. We will be implementing this process with our customers who attend Recreational Open Gym on Friday nights as well. This is a great feature because it will help streamline our check-in process, quickly identify children in potential need of assistance, and is an added safety measure in case of emergency. Many parents find our Open Gym a great place to drop their children off for an hour of exercise and fun, and that can also mean that a guardian is not present with them for the duration of their time here, or children are traveling to Mini Hops of their own accord with friends. Should we encounter a situation where a child is injured and unable to communicate their personal information to staff, we will be able to quickly reference their profile picture and cut down on time searching for this information. In the event of a building emergency, we will be able to ensure that each child on our list is accounted for and have a reference picture if we need to locate a child. These photos will be used by MHG staff in-house ONLY and never for any promotional or public use.

Profile photos of students are just one more way we are trying to streamline our processes to have more time for gymnastics and ensure the safety of your children! This process will begin being implemented on January 18th. 2019. Going forward any student, new or returning, who does not have a profile picture will need to have one taken by our staff before entering into Open Gym.

We appreciate your participation and understanding of this policy, and hope to see you and your family at our Recreational Open Gym on Fridays from 8-9pm throughout this school year!

  • Proper attire
    • Hair must be pulled up
    • No jewelry
    • Shirts tucked in
    • Must have wristband visibly show on person at all times
  • No electronic devices – phones, cameras, iPod, etc.
  • No food or drinks in the gym & NO GUM!
  • Ask an instructor if you need help with a new skill. (especially on tramp)
  • If you need to leave the gym for any reason, notify a coach
  • No running from event to event – stop – look – listen.
  • Not all areas of the gym are open for the duration
  • Make sure pit is clear of people and objects before entering.
  • NO head first entries - Always land on feet, bottom or flat back.
  • Do not bury yourself in the pit.
  • Hands must be on the bars at all times.
  • Use chalk in small amounts only.