Rhythmic Gymnastics


Rhythmic Gymnastics combines elements of ballet, gymnastics and dance. This unique sport can be practiced as an individual or as a team. Gymnasts master the use of various apparatus: rope, clubs, hoop, ball and ribbon. If your child likes gymnastics & dance, this is the program for them.

These classes feature a curriculum that is fun but challenging and provides an introduction to the sport through fun technical movement activities with all rhythmic apparatus (ball, clubs, hoop, ribbon and rope).  The lessons include learning technically correct basics in swings, waves, circles, throws, catches, tumbling, low impact stretching, balancing, jumping, leaping and dance.  The development of hand/eye coordination is a major component of rhythmic gymnastics.

Lil/Jr Dancer Combo: (4-5yrs):

Ratio 8:1—60 min.
40 minutes of dance, 20 minutes of dance/tumbling.

Rhythmic K-1st Grade: (6-7yrs):

Ratio 8:1—60 min.
Must be entering Kindergarten in the upcoming fall.

Rhythmic 2nd-3rd Grade:

Ratio 8:1—90 min

Group Rhythmic:

Ratio 8:1—60 min.
This class is designed for athletes who are developing their abilities into being able to perform combinations and routines. The athletes will learn synchronized routines with their classmates who are at a similar skill level.

4th Grade & Up: (6-7yrs):

Ratio 8:1—90 min.
This school age group can handle more advanced skill progressions, but the objective is similar to the lower grade groups; exploring fun, creative movement with music. This continues to be an introduction to the sport of rhythmic gymnastics using hula hoops, scarves, tambourines, ribbons, and other props to explore music, rhythm, motor skills, ballet basics, and so much more! The curriculum is designed with low impact stretching, balancing, and games, jumping, leaping and dancing to music. The developments of rhythm and hand/eye coordination are two major component of this class. Pretending and creating is a lot of fun!

Marina gladkova rhythmic gymnastics coach minnesota

Marina Gladkova

MHG Rhythmic Head Team Coach 

Marina holds multiple awards as a former Soviet Union Rhythmic Gymnast from the 1970’s, but also as an outstanding coach and judge.  As one of the top gymnasts in the former Soviet Union she participated in more than 100 national and international competitions and won several gold medals, including the European Championships in 1978.  She brought her valuable technical skills and choreography talents to the young American children in 1991.

Marina has been the moving force behind the growth of technically excellent competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics in the Twin Cities and around the United States.  Marina is passionate about coaching and is dedicated to providing a fair and healthy environment, where all athletes can reach their gymnastics potential recreationally or competitively.  Her talent and skill in coaching rhythm, ballet, hand eye coordination, flexibility and dance skills started at MHG in January 2011.

Marina is a USAG professional member; completed the CDC’s concussion training; has attended numerous State, Regional and National congress educational courses.  She has built state and national champions and qualified many kids to USAG talent recognition program, Future Stars.

Marina’s hobbies include cooking, and following her very talented daughter, Angelika’s piano and acting career.