Trampoline & Tumbling

Trampoline is a great, fun tool for developing tumbling spatial awareness. These students will initially learn simple trampoline skills, later they will be putting skills into combinations to build a routine. The trampoline skills will then aid in the development of all levels of tumbling skills. This class compliments all others here at Mini-Hops.

TNT K-1st Grade

Ratio 8:1—60 min.

Must be going into Kindergarten of the upcoming Fall.

TNT 2nd Grade +

Ratio 8:1—60 min.
Ages 7+.

TNT Intermediate/Advanced

Ratio 8:1—75 min.
Inivitation only.

NEW – Freestyle Gymnastics

Ratio 8:1 – 60 min.

Bring your moves and build your skills! Freestyle gymnastics classes, for boys Kindergarten +, will incorporate many gymnastics spin off activities, such as Parkour, Free running, Tricking, Cross Training and “Ninja Warrior”, in a safe training environment. Boys will work on skills that interest them, guided by our awesome staff.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has released a new study on the benefits of a structured trampoline training program, as a competitive sport or for general fitness. The study stresses the importance of “appropriate and careful supervision, competent instruction, and proper equipment and safety measures” as found in USAG member clubs, as opposed to backyard trampolines.

This study also raises awareness of the dangers of backyard trampolines, particularly without proper training and supervision.

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